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My Little Ponies are one of my personal favorite toys
from the 80's. The small plastic ponies with big sweet
eyes and long hair came in every imaginable color. Each
has a symbol on each hip which corresponds to it's
name. Hundreds of different My Little Ponies were made
in many different varieties, including, unicorn and
pegasus, babies, big brothers, flutter, and even sea ponies,
whose bodies end in a sea horse-like twist. In the late 90's,
a new updated version of My Little Pony was released
with a smaller, thinner body style, but they never gained
the success or popularity of the originals. My Little Ponies
live magical place called Pony Land in a big pink castle.
Their friends include a girl named Megan and a baby dragon named Spike.

Here is a photo of my very own MLP castle! This was
one of my favorite toys when I was a kid, it is very well
played with. Pictured also are Majesty and Spike, Twilight
and Megan and Sundance, some of the main characters from the movie.

Here are a couple other pics of my collection:
Ponies 1
Ponies 2

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