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The Charmkins are tiny dolls that each came with a
piece of jewelry or accessory which they could be
hooked onto and worn. Each Charmkin is named for a
flower or plant and has a sweet scent. Also available
for the Charmkins were jewelry boxes, which doubled as
tiny dollhouses. The main Charmkin characters were
Popcorn, a farmer, his wife Blossom and their children,
Brown-Eyed Susan and Willie Winkle. Poison Ivy and
DragonWeed were the mischief makers of the group.

Here is my Charmkins collection! I have recently bought a bunch of stuff on Ebay.
This is the Charmkins Jewelry House, the Whippoorwill Flower mill and a bunch of Charms.
You'll find some links to more photos below.

*More Photos*
Close up 1
Close up 2
Close up 3

~Some Cool Charmkins Websites~

Chanth. com

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